These fixtures provide lighting without demanding all the attention! Both flush mount and semi-flush light fixtures offer practical lighting solutions while enhancing the aesthetics of a space. Whether you’re looking for a flush-mount light fixture that hugs the ceiling, or a semi-flush light fixture with a bit of depth and dimension, our selection at the Lighting Studio will inspire you.


What is the difference between flush mount and semi-flush light fixtures?

Flush mount light fixtures are characterized by their close-to-ceiling installation, where the base of the fixture sits flush against the ceiling surface. They offer a sleek and streamlined appearance, making them an excellent choice for rooms with low ceilings or areas where space is limited. 

Semi-flush light fixtures combine elements of both flush mount and hanging pendant lights. They are installed on the ceiling, but unlike flush mount fixtures, they hang a few inches down from the ceiling surface, allowing for a more pronounced design element. The suspended design of semi-flush fixtures creates a sense of depth and visual interest, making them suitable for rooms with slightly higher ceilings.