Waterproof flooring is an exciting new development in the flooring industry. It offers superior durability, water-resistance, stain resistance, beautiful styles and above all, peace of mind.

We want to help customers understand the best uses for this cutting-edge flooring technology, so we wrote this  guide to what Waterproof flooring is and, more importantly, what it is not.

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Waterproof Flooring IS:

  • An excellent investment
  • Highly effective in resisting overflowing sinks, flooded dishwashers, and other daily life messes
  • Suitable for use anywhere in your house, including bathrooms and basements

Waterproof Flooring IS NOT a leave-alone solution to flood-prone basements: That is, if your home floods, you will still need to lift your waterproof flooring and dry the subfloor underneath. When both the flooring and the subfloor are clean and dry, you may REUSE your waterproof flooring – there is no need to purchase new flooring materials.  However, ANY flooring you purchase will require that you clean and dry the subfloor. Unfortunately, no matter how water-resistant your flooring is, flooding often comes from underneath and will seep through your subfloor first.

Don’t despair! A flooded basement is not the end of the world, and waterproof flooring will make managing those unexpected problems that much easier and affordable. Check out some of our waterproof flooring products here.

At Great Floors we make customer service and satisfaction our utmost priority. We want you to understand exactly what you’re getting when you choose a floor. We believe that’s what a responsible business does. Feel free to send us your flooring questions – you might see them answered in our next blog!