We are constantly getting asked about the “new vinyl” flooring options available. We all know vinyl or resilient floors are nothing new. Although many of us possibly relate it to our grandmas old kitchen flooring which might have us thinking twice about going down that path we need to not let it spoil how far vinyl has come. Resilient flooring looks a whole lot different then any of us might remember. LVP (luxury vinyl plank) or LVT (luxury vinyl tile) are 2 really great new options that people are curious to know more about. Thanks to digital technology giving them a very realistic visual and even feel of stone and or wood it can confuse even those of us who look at flooring all day long, let alone the end consumer.

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LVP is a great option for basements; so many people have experienced water in their basement and no longer want to go with carpet in case of it happening again. Then laminate seemed like the next best choice, but like hardwood if water sits on laminate for any period of time it too will swell and become damaged and will need to be replaced. In comes Vinyl Plank, it’s a great water resistant and extremely durable option. We now are seeing people put this throughout their whole home. If you have a pool outback or have a growing family with pets, there is truly no floor that will better perform in those areas. This floor is part of the Moduleo line, just one of the many Vinyl lines we carry that has beautiful wood and tile visuals.

LVT- if the wood look isn’t your thing and your redoing or building a house and contemplating putting porcelain tile thru your main floor but are weighing out the pros and cons of a hard surface, luxury vinyl tile is a great option. Check out a good article weighing out the 2 options here.

“The comparison of vinyl tile vs. ceramic tile represents yet another instance of luxury vinyl flooring’s ability to masterfully replicate the look of any other flooring system and improve on it.” As shown below this is a really great graphic from Mannington’s Adura line in the “Linea” series. Just because your choosing a vinyl tile doesn’t mean you have to go with a stone looking graphic, there are now lots of options to choose from now.

Needless to say just like anything the options are endless and really it comes down to what will perform for you and your family’s needs. What will fit into your budget and ultimately be the best choice overall by weighing out the pros and cons.

Adura Tile - Linea Graphite