Give life and character to classic or plain styles with an updated tile installation – say goodbye to boring grid-patterns and off-set brick layouts, and say hello to chevron, honeycomb, herringbone, and more with our alternative tile installation guide.

Chevron & Herringbone

A unique installation pattern can transform a cost-effective product into a luxurious, customized feature. “Vertical Herringbone” or “Chevron” patterns turn traditional, basic subway tile into a lovely focal point. In this project the client used Ceragres’ Senio City 3″x 12″ white tiles, installed vertically to achieve this more modern, arrow-like Chevron look. You can also achieve an arrow-like look by overlapping narrow rectangular tiles in a Herringbone pattern. It completely changes the look of the tile & creates something unique for the home owner. In this case, they chose a grout that contrasts nicely with the tile to help the texture pop.

High-Contrast Honeycomb

Using a contrasting grout with a unique shape of tile or a patterned installation will help to emphasize geometry for a clean, modern look. High-contrast grout makes the tile pop and creates a strong visual interest, like with these black hexagonal tiles installed in a honeycomb pattern with contrasting white grout.

A mix of tile colours can also create a high-contrast, custom look – most tile designs will be available in more than one shade at the same price point, making it convenient to mix them. In this case, the designer chose to intersperse black and white hexagonal tiles in a honeycomb pattern in this shower to create a pixellated gradient that mimics water droplets.

When choosing how to move forward with your project it is important to remember that installers do tend to charge more for patterns, as it is more labour intensive. By using a more cost-effective tile, you can balance out this added cost.

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Alternatively, choosing a uniquely-shaped product like this Centura “Fan” Tile in white allows for a simpler installation with visual interest.

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