Our featured designer for March 2019 is our very own Saundra Krzic from London Design Gallery by Great Floors. Read on to learn how Saundra helps builders make their clients’ interior design dreams come true.

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Saundra has been in the design industry for 12 years after graduating from Fanshawe’s 3 year Interior Design program. Growing up watching Home & Garden Television design shows, she knew that this was where her artistic flair and background in the construction industry would shine.

GF: Which designers inspire your work?
Definitely Jillian Harris. Watching her on HGTV while growing up inspired me to become a designer myself. Her work still inspires me today. Chip & Joanna Gains from Magnolia are also huge inspirations.

GF: What do you love most about your role as an interior designer & sales account manager?
What I love most about my role is seeing the finished product come to life. Because I deal primarily with new construction homes in London & surrounding areas, I am helping clients choose their flooring selections that will suit their lifestyle & vision. I oversee the project from the initial selection to installation and work closely with the installers to ensure the end results is what the client has envisioned.

GF: How do you select the right products for your clients?
When picking materials for a customer, I take into consideration the customer’s lifestyle (do they have kids/pets), personal style (what is the customer drawn to), budget (are they looking for an upgrade, who did they use their upgrade budget for other things), and house build style (traditional or modern build style).

GF: What is your favourite product right now?
SK: My favourite product right now is Midgley Tecnica Eclectic in a “Mystic White” finish. It’s a tile with a new take on traditional marble. It’s new and we’re still waiting on stock, but I’ve already designed two projects that are using it just off my small samples. It’s fantastic for bathrooms, fireplaces and feature walls.

GF: Who are some of the local builders you work with?
 Hazzard Homes, Bridlewood, Melchers Construction, Vara Homes, and Crown are a few.


GF: What flooring did you choose in this Hazzard Home build (LEFT/TOP), and why?
 This is Beckham Brothers English Plank. Because this is a model home, the Kennsington colour shows neutral for potential buyers to come in and see the modern design. It’s a neutral colour, but it’s also a very livable colour as the lighter tones don’t show as much dirt or dust. It is a hardwood, so the lighter tone also hides scratches better

GF: How was this Hazzard Homes design (RIGHT/BOTTOM) different?
SK: This is Beckham Brothers English Plank again, but in Manchester. The medium tone colour is still very modern, but gives a warm feel to the house. This allows potential buyers to see a different colour scheme.