The Dream Home – Full Tour

Creating a Dream Home is no small task, but it is the combination of many small decisions. A space that has a stunning overall effect is the result of countless architectural, installation, and design choices, right down to the colour of grout between tiles or the type of lightbulbs used. Our expert consultants and installers at Great Floors played a significant role in making this space unique, beautiful, and dreamy. Let’s explore the flooring and tile choices that helped this house become a Dream Home…

Nottinghill English Plank by Beckham Brothers is the hardwood installed throughout the Dream Home. This warm grey oak hardwood floor brings an unexpected visual warmth to the white-focused design throughout the master bedroom.
Nottinghill spreads throughout the entire main floor, all bedrooms, and the basement bar space. The subtlety and charm of this elegant design is so classic and unassuming, it is the perfect anchor to any space. What’s more, the sturdy, water-resistant, and durable larch core make this product well suited to demanding spaces like the kitchen, and high-traffic areas like an entryway.

Learn more about Nottinghill, English Plank, and Beckham Brothers’ Flooring here.

In the sneak peek post, we briefly covered the Ceragres MARBLE Carrara tiles used throughout the master bathroom. The tile is used in 3 different sizes and installations in the bathroom: 6″x2″ Chevron on the floor, 5″ Hex tile on the shower walls, and a petite 0.75″x 1.5″ herringbone on the shower floor. This tile has a subtle and classic pattern for visual interest, but is neutral and versatile enough to be used copiously and creatively without overwhelming other design elements.

Hexagonal tile is one of the freshest trends right now, and even though it is a modern and fashion-forward style it can achieve longevity and timelessness by using a traditional material like marble. There’s no need for bold colors or audacious statement walls when you can create a unique but tasteful style with creative installations of classic tiles and materials.

This tile is especially beautiful because it is placed in a space with tons of natural light which practically makes it glow from within.

Working with light and shadow is a design technique used generously throughout the dream home, and Great Floors continues this theme throughout the laundry room/garage entry and main floor powder room. The curved ice white matte Wave tile is used in areas where the light is dynamic to direct the eyeline to its source and emphasize the relationship between light and shadow.

The flooring in the laundry room is another Ceragres tile, JUMBLE in the colour Avorio. JUMBLE is unique because the tiles are a mixture of wood and natural stone, creating a totally one-of-a-kind installation each time with its particular variety and charm.

Also featured in the main floor powder room is Ceragres’ STONES tile in the colour quartz. This tile appears in two formats, a large 30”x30” square on the floor and a 15”x30” rectangle on the shower walls for a more vertical visual.

The basement is primarily Beckham Brothers English Plank and fluffy Shaw carpet for warmth:
There is also a gorgeous basement bathroom that is bright enough to make you forget you’re under ground. The flooring is a Beckham Brothers’ tile called Platinum Tiger Stripes in a 1’x2’ perfect rectangle. A beach-coloured tiny mosaic tile in the shower, Cregres’ Spa Agate in Asolo Martini Silk, brings soothing natural blue and brown tones into the space to create an oasis.

We hope you enjoyed this deep dive into our flooring and tile choices for the 2017 Dream It Win It lottery Dream Home! What do you think of this year’s design? Are there any styles or flooring types you’d like to see in next year’s design? Let us know in the comments below!